Volume 8.1

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We are pleased to publish the second entry in our current rolling Volume 8.1: Romana Turina’s evocative autoenthnograrphic documentary, Lunch with Family explores family history, memory and cultural identity through an investigation into the life of an unknown relative, Vladimir Turina, who was imprisoned by the Fascist regime in Italy. The film experiments with multiple, competing voiceovers, to reveal the contested and hidden histories of Trieste before and after WWII, disrupting the traditional autobiographical tropes of the family archive to draw attention to the constructed nature of history itself. Family photographs are represented within a miniature house, and as we return to them with new information, their meanings shift and change. This sophisticated multiperspectival essay film offers new insights into the ways in which history, memory and subjectivity are meditated in documentary production.

Catherine Gough-Brady’s Filming offers an insightful deconstruction of camera operation, exposing the complex mental and social states inhabited by the documentary cameraperson. Combining interview footage, outtakes and moments of happenstance with a didactic voice-over, she weaves examples from her own production experiences into this research-driven, self-reflexive, digital paper. Victor Turner’s notion of liminality is central to Gough-Brady’s consideration of her documentary production process. She explores the relationship between Turner’s ideas and her practice in the digital paper, further embellishing this argument through her research statement to interrogate the social role of the documentary cameraperson.  

Screenworks is a rolling publication, which means we publish as soon as contributions have been reviewed. We have several submissions in process so watch this space as new work will be published shortly.

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Author: Catherine Gough-Brady
Format: Digital Paper
Duration: 9’ 11”
Published: January 2018

A self-reflexive digital paper interrogating the role of camera/person in documentary filmmaking…

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Lunch With Family
Lunch With Family

Author: Romana Turina
Format: HD Video
Running Time: 29’ 50”
Published: January 2018

A evocative essay film which offers new insights into the ways in which history, memory and subjectivity are meditated in documentary production….

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