Volume 9.1

ISSN 2514-3123

Rolling Volume 9.1

We are delighted to publish the second entry for our rolling Volume 9.1, Highway Code (Manchester 10k) a short artist’s film by Anthony Ellis which explores whether the rhythms of the city can contribute to the co-authoring of a film, using montage, collage and rephotography to interrogate city spaces before and after the annual Manchester 10K run. The film juxtaposes footage of the everyday transport systems of Manchester with shots of the exceptional use of the same space by runners and spectators of the Manchester 10K, bringing into counterpoint the different rhythms of the city and the embodied practices of those that use it, referencing Lefebvre’s theory of rhythmanalysis and the work of city-filmmakers Patrick Keiller and John Smith.

Our first entry was Womb-Wise, by Shannon Magness. This animation short is an original practical exploration of the unconscious impacts and legacies of pre-natal witnessing of domestic violence (through hearing of violent acts or sharing of stress hormones) based on detailed research into childhood trauma of intergenerational intimate partner violence (IPV). Defined by Magness as a ‘Jingle-Doc’, Womb-Wise combines lo-fi animation aesthetics, abstract imagery and a playful, dystopian ‘songscape’ to ‘communicate unthreateningly’ to a wide audience the repressed traumas of both victims and perpetrators of IPV without blaming and ‘without re-traumatising survivors’.

We are accepting submissions for both our rolling Volume 9.1 and our special issue Volume 9.2 on “Practice Pedagogy” (deadline 5 April). If you are interested in submitting your practice and want further advice, then please contact us on admin@screenworks.org.uk with “Submissions” in the subject line.


Highway Code (Manchester 10k)

Author: Anthony Ellis
Format: Video
Running Time: 2′ 50″
Published: February 2019

Highway Code (Manchester 10k) is a city-film which explores Manchester city centre before and after the annual 10K run…

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Author: Shannon Magness
Format: Animation
Duration: 2 minutes
Published: January 2019

Womb-Wise is an animation musical short exploring the repressed traumas of pre-natal witnessing of intergenerational intimate partner violence.

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This volume is supported by the Moving Image Research Group and the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the West of England, UWE Bristol.


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