Volume 13.2

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Volume 13.2

We are delighted to publish this special issue New Entanglements…

In Electronic Knowings, Christine Rogers and Catherine Gough-Brady, creative practice researchers and filmmakers, attempt to collaborate with each other through short essay films, and the theories of ethnographers and documentarians David and Judith MacDougall. Christine and Catherine use the writing and films of the MacDougalls as prompts to turn their attention to the processes of filming. Christine speaks to how holding the camera viewfinder to her face can manufacture belonging, and at other times, provide welcome distancing. Catherine explores observational filmmaking as a methodology that can be applied to other endeavours, for instance, academia. Alongside this, Catherine uses this film to explore how to create a visual dialogue (or collaboration) between filmic elements within the film. Because of their divergent responses the final works by Christine and Catherine become related rather than collaborative. They reveal that this may result from them both allowing research questions to arise as part of their independent creative processes, rather than being set at the outset.


The New Virtuality

Author: Jenna Ng and Oliver Tomkins
Format: Video
Duration: 33′ 25″
Published: July 2023

A video essay offering a renewed understanding of the virtual which radically breaks down boundaries between virtual and actual realities, truth and fakery, real and unreal…

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Author: Jill Daniels
Format: Oppositional Essay Film
Duration: 58’42”
Published: July 2023

A poetic and activist multi-faceted audiovisual text evoking the legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, the Marxist revolutionary figure who was assassianted in Berlin in 1919.

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Bad News

Author: Cecilia Stenbom (Lead author) and Ben Young (Co-author)
Format: Video
Duration: 13′
Published: June 2023

A short film which uses the staging and documentation of a fictional leadership training session as the basis of creating tension and narrative structure…

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Where We Rats Lurk

Author: Ram Krishna Ranjan
Format: Video
Duration: 10′ 43′
Published: June 2023

A critical intervention in Mrinal Sen’s film about famine, Akaler Sandhane, to understand and unsettle assumptions about reflexivity…

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This Magic Moment
Man stands in grass with trees in background

Author: James Thompson
Format: Video Art
Duration: 22′ 29′
Published: March 2023

An experiential and sensorial triptych designed to explore the cinematic philosophy of photogénie via Jean Epstein and Edgar Allen Poe…

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Archive/ Album & Other Images

Author: Stephen Connolly
Format: Short film
Duration: 36′
Published: February 2023

Archive/ Album and Other Images (2022 36’) is an autoethnographic artist film that asks of questions of the encounter with a family archive

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Double Takes

Author: Sarah Atkinson
Format: A Series of Short Video Essays
Duration: Various
Published: January 2023

A series of short video essays which examine contemporary and historical production practices which endanger the health and safety of female performers using videographic methods…

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Revisiting the Aspen Tree

Author: Annette Arlander
Format: Video Art
Duration: 40′ 02″
Published: December 2022

This video is the last one in a series of revisits to the sites of Animal Years, a series of twelve year-long performances for camera video recorded on Harakka Island in 2002-2014, revisiting, recreating and reflecting on…

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Author: Cristina Archetti
Format: Video Essay
Duration: 4′ 59″
Published: December 2022

This short essay film weaves the personal story of a researcher and human being with broader methodological and existential questions, exploring how the moving image can engage with non-academic audiences…

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This volume is supported by the Moving Image Research Group and the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the West of England, UWE Bristol.






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