Volume 4

ISBN 978 186043 5157

Volume 4 of Screenworks (2013) was edited by Dr Charlotte Crofts and associate editor, Dr Steve Presence, both based atthe University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol with the support of the Digital Cultures Research Centre.

We are honoured to feature, Stone Street, by the late Elspeth kydd, a compelling auto-ethnographic documentary which examines the Trinidadian diaspora through the lens of her family home in the eponymous Stone Street, Port of Spain. The film offers a moving autobiographic portrait of the Cherrie family and its branches in the US, UK and Canada, mixing home-movie Super 8 footage, photographs, musical recordings and interviews with a lyrical first-person narration. This absorbing film questions the very notion of ‘home’, moving beyond a simple record of family life to become a layered exploration of identity, history, race, representation, place and belonging. Stone Street premiered at Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, 2012 where it won the award for Cultural Diversity. We are honoured to publish the film here in memory of Elspeth who died prematurely, shortly after completing Stone Street, in April 2013. We are also indebted to Yoram Allon and Tom Cabot at Wallflower Press and editor Alisa Lebow for allowing us to reprint Elspeth’s reflective essay ‘Looking for Home in Home Movies’ in lieu of a research statement.


On The Border

On the Border is an experimental biography which explores the staging of memory through a family history…
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wyn hand

A middle-aged man has lost his enthusiasm, he simply goes through the motions of living while something inside of him has frozen…
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Stone Street
Elspeth tree

The late Elspeth kydd’s personal exploration of Trinidadian diaspora through the central locus of the eponymous family home…
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In Search of Pleasures Past

A documentary exploring the impact of amateur filmmaking on the memories and community of coastal Merseyside…
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Unseen Women: Stories from Armagh Gaol

Documentation of women’s prison memories from all sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland…
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U Know Them by Their Fruit

An auto-ethnographic film about an encounter between the filmmaker and her American right-wing extremist cousin…
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Kamakha: Through Prayerful Eyes

An ethnographic study of the Kamakhya Temple, an ancient fertility worship site in India’s north-eastern state of Assam…
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Supported by the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the West of England, Bristol


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