Volume 2

ISBN  978-186043 5133 / ISSN 2514-3123

AVPhD Issue

This Volume is dedicated to doctoral work from the AVPhD Network – AVPhD was the name given to an AHRC funded training and support network for all those doing, supervising and examining audio-visual practice based doctorates.  The network was launched in September 2005 after it had been suggested that HE institutions were working with a number of different models of the relation between theory and practice, and with differing expectations about what is submissable at PhD level. As a consequence, the AVPhD Network was set up by the University of Westminster to provide collaborative training provision for doctoral students (alongside supervisors and examiners).

Volume 2 was edited by Professor Jon Dovey and associate editor Govinda Dickman.  The DVD was originally distributed with a dedicated volume of The Journal of Media Practice Volume 9.1 (March 2008). The DVD of Volume 2 is available for purchase – please contact us if you’d like to buy an individual copy or purchase one for your library.


Looping Snapshots
Looping-casini_large thumbnail

Author: Silvia Casini
Format: Experimental
Duration: 9’27”

The video 265 Looping Snapshots engages with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a scientific technique that generates images of the body (and particularly, the brain) for scientific and medical purposes.
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White Body
kayla_parker_white_body_large thumbnail

Author: Kayla Parker
Format: Digital film (loop)
Duration: 5’9”

The figure of a small white doll grows from a ball of modeling clay, is cut and sewn shut, and then buried and ‘reborn’, among a nest of white granulated sugar and the dark stain of slut’s wool – the fluffy dust that collects under…
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Mirror Mirror
zem_large thumbnail

Author: Zem Moffat
Format: Single-screen
Duration: 18’31

Mirror Mirror is a 58min single-screen narrative film that explores whether the two ideas that ‘gender is drag’ and that ‘documentary film is a drag of reality’ can mutually inform and comment upon each other..
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duo_trans_large thumbnail

Author: Johannes Sjoberg
Format: Video
Duration: 26’22”

The research project considers whether the largely unexplored genre of ethnofictions, as described by visual anthropologist Jean Rouch, offers a means of integrating a hybrid study within drama and ethnography…
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Rehearsing Reality
rehearsingreality_large thumbnail

Author: Nina Simoes
Format: Interactive documentary
Duration: 3’57”

The Docufragmentary Rehearsing Reality is the central element of my practice-based PhD research, which explores and examines the Theatre of the Oppressed’s practices at the point of interaction with peasants of Brazil’s Landless Movement…
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The Switch
droppedImage_large thumbnail

Author: Michelle Williams
Format: Video
Duration: 13’25”

The social structures involved in the documentary process are a starting point for my research. As an artist using documentary to enter unfamiliar territories I am aware that I exert my own agency (as an outsider to the group) and I acknowledge that my camera…
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hubbub_large thumbnail

Author: Patrick Tarrant
Format: Video
Duration: 26’14”

Hubbub is part of a practice-based Ph.D. that attempts to represent our contemporary participatory culture on screen, through a conceptually oriented documentary practice. How do contemporary documentary practitioners both represent and respond to the drives of a participatory culture?
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The Man Who Couldn’t Feel
joram-ten-brink_large thumbnail

Author: Joram Ten Brink
Format: Essay Film
Duration: 30′

The aim of the research was to investigate non-narrative documentary cinema so as to define more closely the ‘essay’ form of documentary from the filmmaker’s point of view, following the production of the film ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Feel’ and Other Tales…
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Latin America in Co-production
latin_large thumbnail

Author: Libia Villzana
Format: Documentary
Duration: 54’49”

The research focuses on the unfolding causes and effects of the mechanisms of international film co-production, especially those organised between Spain and Latin American countries since the 1980s, exploring the hegemonic position of Spain…
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Goldfinger’s Playground
goldfingersplayground_large thumbnail

Author: Adam Kossof
Format: Digital video
Duration: 4′

My PhD ‘On Terra Firma: Space, Place and the Moving Image’ examines the moving image as a medium that both depicts space and place and positions the spectator towards varying levels of thin and thick space…
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