Volume 3

ISBN  978-186043 5140 / ISSN 2514-3123

Rolling Volume 3 Editorial

Volume 3 of Screenworks (June 2012) was edited by Dr Charlotte Crofts and associate editor, Dr Steve Presence, both based at the University of the West of England with the support of the Digital Cultures Research Centre. Some of the submissions were also screened at the Postdigital Encounters JMP Symposium in 2011.

The work demonstrates the breadth of screen media practice ranging from audio-visual live performance, multi-screen works and site-specific installations to engagements with film as philosophy and the ontology of the camera lens itself.


a knife all blade
menotti thumb

Author: Gabriel Menotti
Format: Experimental
Duration: 1′ 44″

This video was produced out of darkness, without any kind of subject but the camera itself. The lens was covered so that no light could reach the CMOS sensor, to bring the visual characteristics of algorithmic image processing into view…
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Not Reconciled
daniels thumb

Author: Jill Daniels
Format: Experimental Documentary
Duration: 40′

In this prize winning experimental documentary, the ghosts of Carlos and Rosa, young republican fighters in the Spanish civil war, roam Belchite, a town in Northern Spain ruined in the war…
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A Mind’s Eye
Callaghan thumb

Author: Joanna Callaghan
Format: Experimental film
Duration: 20′ (2′ 27″ extract)

‘Ontological Narratives’ is an on-going practice led research project which seeks to formalise ideas related to philosophy and film into a coherent praxis through both writing that will discuss this theory and a piece of practical research…
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Folk Glance
inga thumb

Author: Inga Burrows
Format: Experimental
Duration: 3′ 43″

Folk Glance and Veil Trance are elements of a multi-media installation project, made with the kind co-operation of the stall holder community who work in Cardiff Market Hall…
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Insider and Child Agent
Stich thumb

Author: Susanne Stich
Format: Experimental
Duration: Insider: The Mediation 7’ 38” and The Brainstorm 1’ 39”; Child Agent 9’ 27”

These films were inspired by the discourse proposing that childhood cannot be presumed, but has to be “brought into being”…
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Outback and Beyond
cooke thumb

Author: Grayson Cooke
Format: Live A/V Performance
Duration: 9′ 19″

A Live Australian Western, an a/v collaboration with Mike Cooper, using archival footage from the National Film and Sound Archive…
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Writ in Water
bubb thumb

Author: Jeremy Bubb
Format: 3-Screen Drama
Duration: 14′ 30″

A 3-screen drama, Mike finishes a letter to his family and seals it in a waterproof bag, he tapes it to his midriff and leaves the house…
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Echo and Narcissus
houtman thumb

Author: Coral Houtman
Format: 5-screen installation
Duration: 11′ 30″

Drawing on Ovid’s Echo and Narcisis, this is a 5-screen drama / installation about the need to overcome narcissism in a hyper mediated age…
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This volume is supported by the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the West of England, Bristol



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