Volume 1

ISBN  978-186043-5126 / ISSN 2514-3123

Volume 1 Editorial

This, the first volume of Screenworks, was edited by Professor Jon Dovey and associate editor Dr Charlotte Crofts and was published on DVD and distributed with The Journal of Media Practice Volume 8.2 (Sept 2007).  If you would like to get hold of a DVD of the full-length work for your library or teaching purposes then please contact us at [email protected].


Heart of Gold
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Author: Erik Knudsen
Format: Documentary
Duration: 39 mins

To examine alternatives to the empirical and factually based classic documentary narrative’s approach to story telling and how such alternatives can reveal different aspects of…
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Of Camera
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Author: Steven Eastwood
Format: Film and Video
Duration: 14 mins

The word camera derives from the Greek word ‘kamara,’ which means chamber or vault (or bedroom, in the modern usage) but also has root fragments to do with taking and with transporting…
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BluebellBluebell big

Author: Charlotte Crofts
Format: 35mm film
Duration: 6mins

Bluebell develops out of my published research on Angela Carter’s feminist reappropriation of Red Riding Hood in the short story, radio and film adaptations of ‘The Company of Wolves’…
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Paperworkpaperwork_large thumbnail

Author: Wyn Mason
Format: DVD Loop
Duration: 10mins

The project was commissioned by Cardiff 2008 as part of Cardiff’s bid to become European Capital of Culture.  Welsh-based artists, Artstation, were invited to create an art installation…
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Journey Factory
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Author: John Burns
Format: Animation
Duration: 6 mins

The animation draws (pardon the pun) on inspirations that have recurred over many years. My father worked as a film projectionist during the war years and was also an accomplished…
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Authors: David Chapman and David Cottridge
Format: Video documentation
Duration: 15mins

Hark is a site-specific audio-visual installation, comprising a series of three combined audio compositions and animated photographic image sequences…
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Egg and Spoon
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Author: Helen Bendon
Format: Digital Video Loop
Duration: 6 mins

Egg & Spoon is a Digital Video Loop for Projection. It is one outcome from a period of research around stillness. Within classic film narrative we are not usually indulged in stillness. However…
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Authors: Simon Ellis & David Corbet
Format: Flash Animation
Duration: Interactive

Dad-project is a web-based project which explores aspects of mediatized performance, through a ‘performative and dynamic archive of movement and movement practitioners’…
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Dorothy Carrington – A Woman of Two Worlds
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Author: Clive Myer
Format: Beta SP
Duration: 28 mins

Through the primary question of the role of collective consciousness I examine the place of the subject within…
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Open Circuits
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Authors: Nick Cope and Tim Howle
Format: Video
Duration: 6 mins 24 seconds

Open Circuits is the first of an ongoing series of moving image collaborations between film maker Nick Cope and electroacoustic composer Tim Howle. Taking its name from…
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Mob Films Manifesto
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Author: Eamonn Crudden
Format: Documentary
Duration: 14 mins

This body of work focuses on a range of innovative, collaborative filmmaking practices developed by a number of the new social movements…
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A Hard Place
ahardplace_large thumbnail

Author: Ronnie Close
Format: Video
Duration: 5 mins

This practice-led PhD research project in photography works towards a contribution to the notion of historical narrative, through the exploring of the role of memory in the reconstruction of…
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