Archival Challenges of Practice Research Publication

In addition to the formative peer-review process and opportunities for knowledge exchange that are afforded by academic journals, another key publishing incentive is the preservation of one’s work. Findings presented in journals are traditionally indexed and archived in libraries, kept safe and accessible for future researchers to build upon in their contribution to knowledge. For […]

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Can fiction filmmaking be research?

The majority of our submissions to Screenworks are either auto-ethnographic films, documentaries, experimental or poetic films – all of which are contributing new knowledge to the field and expanding our understanding of filmmaking. However, there is a dearth of narrative film submissions which has caused me to wonder – why we don’t we receive as many fiction films? Is […]

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What is (and isn’t) screen media practice research?

This is a discussion piece around a submission we have decided not to publish as peer-reviewed screen media practice research, but which we thought was nevertheless worthy of dissemination. The submission by Adrian Miles (RMIT University) consists of documentation of the 2015 Visible Evidence documentary conference panel on “The Aesthetics of Documentary interactivity” as an […]

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