Volume 7.2

BAFTSS Practice Research Award 2017

We are delighted to feature the four shortlisted entries from the BAFTSS Practice Research Awards 2017 (published February 2017). Submissions were of a very high standard this year, and it was a tough competition. The panel really enjoyed engaging with all the entries and were delighted by the diversity of the submissions, which included a range of subjects and approaches to practice research demonstrating rigorous and original research in this field. Submissions were invited in the following areas:

- Audiovisual Practice-Research: e.g. Film/TV/video/screen-writing/moving image practice
- Videographic film and moving image studies: e.g. online digital video essays / scholarly remixes
- Research Applications and Infrastructure: e.g. film and television studies research-related mobile applications, online databases and archives.

The results were announced at the BAFTSS Annual Conference, 20-21 April 2017, including screenings of clips from all the entries and the winning film:

Honourable Mention: Lizzie Thynne and Ed Hughes, Brighton: Symphony of a City
Runner Up: Alex Nevill, Virtual Illumination
WINNER: Sara Penryhn Jones, TIMELINE


Author: Sara Penrhyn Jones
Format: Documentary
Duration: 30 minutes

A timely documentary about climate change which intermixes activist filmmaking with a first-person autobiographical voiceover to create a powerful call to action...

Virtual Illumination

Author: Alex Nevill
Format: Installation, Video Documentation & Video Essay
Duration: 1'20"; 3 mins and 6 mins respectively

An audio-visual installation which reflects on the tensions between computer-generated and live action lighting, supported by video documentation and a sophisticated video essay...

Village Tales

Author: Sue Sudbury
Format: Participatory Documentary
Duration: 23 mins

A participatory documentary which aims to empower women in rural india by training them as video journalists and giving them the means of self-representation...

Brighton: Symphony of a City

Author: Lizzie Thynne and Ed Hughes
Format: City Symphony
Duration: 48 mins

A hypnotic homage to the city of Brighton, combining music, contemporary and archive footage to celebrate everyday life in the city...

The work was judged by a panel of peer experts using the criteria outlined in the research statement.

Dr Sarah Atkinson (King's College London)
Dr Sarah Barrow (University of Lincoln)
Dr Charlotte Crofts (University of the West of England)
Dr Catherine Grant (University of Sussex)

Each volume of Screenworks is published on a rolling basis. This means that in the spirit of reactive online publishing we will review and publish work as it comes in, rather than waiting for a full Volume before publication.  Please go to our submissions page to download the proforma and guidelines on the submission process.

If you are interested in joining our peer-review panel, then please email us at [email protected] with "Screenworks Reviewer" in the subject and attach a brief bio and an outline of the areas you are interested in reviewing.

This volume is presented in association with the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies.

Supported by the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the West of England, Bristol


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