Volume 14.1

ISSN 2514-3123

Volume 14.1

We are delighted to publish the first submission as part of our ongoing volume, 14.1. Phoebe Hart’s video essay, Medical Mysteries & Freaky Fables critiques screen-based representations of intersex people; individuals who have reproductive organs at variance with the genetic and/or hormonal sex, who comprise almost 2% of the human population. The essay takes scenes from various television series and proposes a challenge to filmmakers and writers to transcend representations of people with intersex variations beyond mere voyeurism or abjection.

This volume of Screenworks is a rolling publication. Each rolling volume runs from September to July, with the editorial team taking a well-deserved break in August. To submit work please read our Submissions Guidelines and use our Online Submission Form. If you are interested in submitting your practice and want further advice, then please contact us on [email protected] with “Submissions” in the subject line.


Medical Mysteries & Freaky Fables

Phoebe Hart
Format: Video
Duration: 9′ 36″
Published: November 2023

A video essay critiquing screen-based representations of intersex people. The essay discuss several contemporary stereotypes and then repurpose scenes from television series…

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This volume is supported by the Moving Image Research Group and the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of the West of England, UWE Bristol.





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