CFP: BAFTSS 10th Annual Conference

BAFTSS 10th Annual Conference 20-22 April 2022 (online) Theme: Collaboration and Cross-pollination Hosted by the University of St Andrews
Proposal deadline: Monday 13 December 2021
In the past eighteen months, many of us have experienced isolation both professionally and personally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Caught between the anxiety of close contact and the loneliness of isolation, the pandemic has brought the complex relationship between the individual and the community to the forefront of our lives. 

This conference takes as its theme “Collaboration and Cross-pollination.” As we re-imagine how we work together and gather as a community post-COVID, the conference foregrounds processes of exchange, circulation, and recombination across the fields of Film, Television and Screen Studies. We encourage participants to shift their thinking from the individual to the community, and to engage with conceptual play around the ecological metaphor of cross-pollination (or the sharing and interchange of ideas), in order to reflect on how this process can shape our work as researchers, collaborators, and mentors.

The conference invites submissions for papers, panels, or practice-based research on any aspect of collaboration or cross-pollination in Film, Television and Screen Studies. 

Topics might include:

  • – Collaboration/cross-pollination in the academy: as methodology, as practice, as scholarship, as engagement
  • – Collaboration/cross-pollination through creative practice research
  • – The politics of collaboration in film, television, and screen media: questions of power, labour, visibility, inclusivity, equality, and value
  • – Examining film, television, and screen media through cross-pollination: mutation, reproduction, recombination, hybridity, integration, sharing, gifting, contagion, virality, contingency 
  • – Textual cross-pollination in film, television, and screen media: remixes, intertextuality, experimental media, remakes and reboots, adaptations
  • – Film, television, and screen geographies of collaboration/cross-pollination: global production practices, co-productions, distribution circuits, festivals, exhibition
  • – Film, television, and screen networks of collaboration/cross-pollination: practitioners, audiences and fandom, collectives, activist groups, societies
  • – Histories of collaboration/cross-pollination in film, television, and screen media: archives and institutions
  • – Ecologies of collaboration/cross-pollination in film, television, and screen media
  • – Collaboration/cross-pollination between film, television and screen studies and other disciplines
  • – Collaboration/cross-pollination across and between media forms

In the spirit of the conference theme, this conference places emphasis on discussion and debate rather than a traditional paper/questions format. Each panellist will present for 10 minutes on the day of the panel, with the other panellists acting as respondents, generating questions and comments. Rough papers, notes, and/or slides will be circulated to the other panellists a week in advance to facilitate this discussion. This is to encourage more constructive discussion and engagement, and to preserve the conference as a space for works in progress. 

Rather than individual keynote speakers, the conference will include plenary roundtable discussions featuring collaborative research projects. 

We are delighted to confirm our first plenary session, led by Professor Lee Grieveson (UCL) and Professor Priya Jaikumar (University of Southern California), which will showcase their collaborative project, “On Extraction and the Media.” 
BAFTSS is committed to issues of equality, diversity and inclusivity. While we encourage pre-convened panels, please also be mindful of these issues. The online format seeks to honour this commitment and ensure that the conference remains accessible to all members of the BAFTSS community. With this in mind, conference attendance will be free to PGRs and those not in full time employment, and £10 for all other attendees. Please note: All attendees must be BAFTSS members at the time of the conference. 
Proposals for individual papers should include a title, 250-word abstract and brief bio. 
We also welcome pre-constituted panels of 3 people. For this, the panel organiser should submit a brief abstract and title for the panel, alongside a title, 250-word abstract and bio for each paper/participant. 
Completed proposals should be sent in Word to [email protected] by Monday 13 December 2021. 
You will be notified whether your proposal has been accepted in January 2022.

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