Experiencing the Filmpoem

We are pleased to announce the publication of our seventh entry in Screenworks Volume 10.1, Susannah Ramsay‘s Experiencing the Filmpoem: A Film-Phenomenological Inquiry, five short experimental films which evoke multi-sensorial experiences for the viewer through visceral combinations of lens manipulation, camera movement and rhythmic editing. For Ramsay, filmpoems are a synthesis of these experimental techniques with poetic narration and soundscapes which constitute a deeply personal, expressive form of filmmaking. Her written statement contextualises this practice with historical insights and outlines her exhibition strategies for the work which aim to produce a reciprocal relationship between the artwork, the screening space and the viewer to provide an embodied experience.

Volume 10.1 is an open “rolling” volume which means we are accepting practice-research submissions on any subject throughout this academic year. More information and guidelines can be found online at our Submissions page. Please feel free to get in touch directly if you have any questions about the journal or submission process.

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