Filling the Gaps

Something to absorb you during lockdown.

We are delighted to announce our eighth entry in Volume 10.1, Fernando Sobron’s Filling The Gaps is a reflexive documentary which explores the normally hidden creative processes in documentary filmmaking, and probes the gap between “actuality” and its “creative treatment”. The film juxtaposes an archivist discussing Dürer’s 1515 engraving of a Rhinoceros, which he had never seen, with the filmmaker’s interviews with participants who had never been to Morocco, describing their preconceptions of an unknown country. We do not see the interviews, instead these ideations of Morocco are reconstructed from the audio recordings. The film invites the viewer to reflect on aspects of documentary construction, making connections between these two narrative threads. By imposing such creative constraints, the film draws attention to the creative limitations of all documentary filmmaking.

We are still accepting submissions for our rolling Volume 10.1. We welcome submissions of moving image work on film, video and new media platforms. We feel strongly that the function of Screenworks is to provide an opportunity for practice research to undergo the equivalent rigorous peer-review process to that of traditional publication, and fully understand contributors’ need to evidence the impact and significance of their practice as research. Where submissions are documentation of interactive or installation work we encourage producers to consider the problems of documentation as part of the research process. We welcome work from doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers, as well as those at the cutting edge of practice research both nationally and internationally.

To submit work please read our Submissions Guidelines and use our Online Submission Form. If you are interested in submitting your practice and want further advice, then please contact us on [email protected] with “Submissions” in the subject line.

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